4 Tonne Hydraulic Winch

Our 4 Tonne hydraulic winches  are engineered for design simplicity and reliable robust operation in a range of operating environments.  They are relatively lightweight and compact for their hauling capacity and certified for man-riding. They are ready for immediate application with the power pack of your choice.

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Contact us on T: 07 3376 2888 for information about our entire range of hydraulic winches from 2 Tonne up to 65 tonne in a range of configurations to suit your individual Lift and Shift application.


These 4 Tonne hydraulic winches are engineered for reliable and robust operation.
Hydraulic winch 4 Tonne


  • SWL: 4 Tonne
  • Speed: variable 0 to 20 mtr/min.
  • Engine: H1CR 45MSVM2R 0509-262106
  • Max. drum capacity: approx. 250 mtr (16 mm)
  • Brakes: 1X band, 1X disc hyd. motor, locking valves, ratchet pawl
  • Dimensions(mm): L 1300, W 1200, H 1300
  • Weight: 1900 kg


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