3.5 Tonne Bull-Wheel Winch – Redmond Gary trailer mounted

These Redmond Gary bull-wheel winches are trailer mounted, are designed to haul cable through ducts and use a double bull-wheel configuration with storage reel. The proportional hydraulic system is diesel driven with electric start.  The on board tension gauge can preset line tension between 0 and 35 kN, allowing the operator to measure and maintain the line pull at a constant for the entire pull.  Rotation fairlead is fitted and provides flexibility of rotary pull at any angle into the bull-wheel.

  • 12mm Andromeda non-rotating plaited wire rope
  • Hydraulic stabiliser legs fitted
  • Ease of operation with rotation fairlead system

For more information contact us on T: 07 3376 2888

Cable hauling winch - 3 tonne

  • Line pull: 3 tonne and 3.5 tonne
  • Line speed: 15 metres per minute
  • Engine: 53 HP, 40 kW Diesel
  • Rope capacity: up to 500 metres
  • Brakes: Electric auxiliary brake system
  • Tow coupling: Pintle eye
  • Towing vehicle: Min. 2T truck or 4WD
  • ID#04022


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