25 Tonne Diesel Winch

Diesel powered winch with a line pull of 25 Tonne and a 4 tonne recovery drum suitable for a variety of high capacity hauling applications. Heavy duty diesel engine powers the hydraulic transmission for smooth variable hauling. This winch is suitable for use with synthetic rope including Dyneema for Conveyor Belt installations, cable hauling, pulling pipes and underground cables. Adjustable hauling tensions up to 25 tonne. Supplied with tension output flow chart. This winch is unsuitable for lifting.

Benefits of this diesel winch:

  • 25 tonne line pull
  • 4 tonne recovery drum – unsuitable for lifting
  • Operator safety cell installed
  • Variety of anchor points
  • Mine Spec compliant

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cable hauling handling winch 25 tonne - Winch Hire Australia


  • Line Pull: 25 Tonne
  • Line speed: 6 metres per minute
  • Recovery drum SWL: 4 Tonne
  • Recovery drum line speed: variable 0 to 40 metres per minute
  • Engine: 4 cyl, 50 hp diesel
  • Bake: 2x auto fail safe multi disc with hydraulic locking valves
  • Rope capacity: up to 1000 metres (28mm)
  • Dimensions (mm): L 3900, W 2000, H 1900
  • Dry weight: 6000 kg
  • ID# 04009

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