The Latest Addition to Our Trailer Mounted Optic Fibre Winches

The 2 kN / 5 kN is the newest addition to our selection of fibre optic winches, and it is proving to be a terrific addition to our fleet. Customers love the trailer mounted convenience, reliability, range of features and the fact that it is so easy to transport around job sites. The 2 kN… Read more »

Our Trailer Mounted Capstan Winches – Up to 6 Tonne Capacity

Trailer mounted capstan winches continually provide the best solution for installing power and data cables on a range of telecommunication and infrastructure projects. Our range starts at single axle trailer mounted 3 Tonne capstan up to our dual axle trailer mounted 6 Tonne capstan packed with features to complete the job fast! Contact us today… Read more »

Important Questions We Ask Our Customers Before They Hire Our Equipment

The questions below are what we ask our customers when they enquire about hiring our equipment. These questions ensure that we have a solid understanding of our customers’ needs, and allow us to provide them with the best customer service (and the best machine hire) possible. Q1 – Are you lifting or pulling? This question… Read more »

UQ Taking Large Steps in Solar Power

University of Queensland is praised for its efforts in energy, water, waste, biodiversity, and transport. In 2016 UQ produced enough solar every to power over 1500 homes! Greg Pringle, UQ’s chief operating officer, has gleamed with pride in UQ’s leaps. “As one of Queensland’s biggest employers and home to the largest university population in the… Read more »

Ipswich Motorway Upgrade Has Finally Begun!

South East Queensland is getting some serious upgrades! This $400 million project is one of the biggest infrastructure projects to date. It will provide 400+ jobs as well as provide less congested and safer roads for travelers. The first step in the construction phase will be the closing the northern side of the Donaldson Road exit… Read more »

We’ve Made Safety Videos Especially For You!

Here at Winch Hire Australia, we like to emphasize that safety comes first as much as possible. One way we action this out is by providing VOC Training to companies just yours. You can read more about that here. To continue to aid the safety of your employees, we’ve made some safety videos demonstrating the… Read more »

How To Safely and Correctly Couple Hydraulic Hoses

Check out our video on How To Safely and Correctly Couple Hydraulic Hoses Remove the protective cover from the hydraulic pump hose fitting. Wipe the hose fitting with a clean cloth to ensure it is contaminant-free. Firmly insert the hydraulic pump hose fitting into the hydraulic tool fitting. The connection must be fully seated as faulty… Read more »

How To Safely and Correctly Uncouple Hydraulic Hoses

Checkout our video on How To Safely and Correctly Uncouple Hydraulic Hoses   STOP! Before uncoupling the hydraulic hose, ensure the hydraulic tool has retracted its stroke. Loosen the hydraulic tool coupling anti-clockwise to disengage the hydraulic hose. Replace the protective cover on the hydraulic hose. Coil the hydraulic hose around the pump ready for transport…. Read more »

How To Anchor and Disengage a Capstan Winch for Cable Hauling

Checkout our video on How To Anchor and Disengage a Capstan Winch for Cable Hauling Part 1. Anchoring a Capstan Winch for Cable Hauling 1. Position the capstan winch onto solid level surface free from debris within close proximity to the work site and reverse the vehicle within easy reach behind the capstan winch. 2. Insert… Read more »

It’s Time to be Smart with your Air Cons!

Summer is arriving! That means Air Cons are about to be on full bast! Summers in Queensland can be ridiculously hot and that leads to ridiculously hot electric bills. As summer commences, it’s time to make a better approach to how we use our energy with the PeakSmart air-conditioning program. This program promotes the use… Read more »

Winch Hire Provides VOC Training

Winch Hire provides VOC Training – We say it all over our website, and we will say it again. Safety is most important! Winch Hire Australia is serious about safety and we do everything in our power to make sure you get maximum satisfaction from our equipment using safe and efficient practices. To assure this,… Read more »